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Update 4/3/2012

Schedule of GDOJ Events for Spring 2012

April 6, 2012 GDOJ will answer phones for KTOO Fundraiser + - Noon till 2 pm at the KTOO Studios downtown.

April 6, 2012 Friday 5 pm poop scoop+ Thunder Mountain High School from 5 pm till 6 pm.  This poop scoop will clean the area where the Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held the next day.

April 28th Saturday 10 am, Poop Scoop False Outer Point and the Rainforest Trail meet in the False Outer Point parking lot.


May 12th Saturday 10 am, Poop Scoop  Airport Dike Trail meet in the parking lot.


May 26th Saturday 10 am to Noon

Annual Broken Glass Pick Up Sandy Beach, Douglas meet in the parking lot.


  +  Volunteers Needed


Community Events



So far, 2012 has been a productive year for Grateful Dogs of Juneau.  Already this year, we have accomplished a lot for the dogs and community of Juneau.


Two New Places to Take Your Dog Downtown.   Thanks to Grateful Dogs, the Bishop Kenny Memorial Peace Park and Gunakadeit (Pocket) Park are now open to dogs.  The "no dogs" signs have been removed by CBJ Parks & Rec.  The two parks are now on-leash parks because they are located in the Downtown Business District which is an on-leash only area.

Bishop Kenney Memorial Peace Park 2009 - 2011



Bishop Kenney Memorial Peace Park Today



Gunakadeit (Pocket) Park Today


Gunakadeit (Pocket) Park before




Trash Can Installed at Start of Basin Road.    On January 13, Vicky McLaughlin and George Utermohle hiked through the construction zone at the Basin Road Trestle to clean up the collection of used doggie bags that had accumulated at the former location of a trash can at the Mt Roberts and Flume Trail trailheads.  In response to the clean up, CBJ Parks & Rec installed a bear-proof trash can on Basin Road before the construction zone begins.  This trash can is being well used and seems to have reduced the amount of doggie bags that are abandoned along Basin Road.

Capital School Park Clean Ups Continue.  In February, Grateful Dogs was informed by CBJ Parks & Rec, that a serious problem existed in Capital School Park due to dog poop on the playgrounds used by the Charter School and the day care center in the Stewart Legislative Building.  CBJ Had received complaints from the school and day care about dog poop in the park.  There was also a report that some children had contracted worms which was attributed by some to dog waste.  Within a week, Grateful Dogs was able to conduct two poop scoops to clean the area of the accumulated waste.  Matt Felix has been doing weekly follow ups to keep the area under control.   Matt would appreciate company.

Airport Dike Trail Trash Can -- Good News.   There is now a pair of bear-proof trash cans near the trail head for the Airport Dike Trail.  The cleanliness of the Dike Trail appears to have dramatically improved since the cans were installed.  There is hardly any dog waste on the trail at the trail head (though there is some adjacent to the trail once you pass the bridge).  The amount of litter at the trail head and the parking lots has decreased substantially.  The litter in the trash cans is appropriate for a trailhead.  There does not appear to be any dumping of household trash in the cans, as yet.

Bear-proof Trash Cans at the end of Radcliff Road.


GDOJ Board Chooses Officers.  The board of Grateful Dogs chose its officers for 2012 at its February meeting.  President: George Utermohle,  Vice-President: Pam Nelson,  Secretary: Aran Felix,  Treasurer: Vicky McLaughlin,  At-Large Member: Matt Felix.

Grateful Dogs table at the Health Fair. Left to right: Deborah Behr, Vicky McLaughlin, and Aran Felix.  Vicky and Aran manned the table for the health fair. Deborah assisted with breakdown.

GDOJ at Health Fair.  Grateful Dogs had a table at the Health Fair that was held last Saturday (March 31) at the Nugget Mall.  Grateful Dogs shared a message that dogs and pets are good for your health and that people should clean up after their dogs.  Grateful Dogs fit in with the health oriented theme of the event.  There was a large turnout for the health fair.   

Composting Dog Waste.  GDOJ has been contacted by a local resident who is interested in composting dog waste.  She is encouraged by a study out of Fairbanks which finds that composting is a viable option for dog yards up North.  Click here if you are interested in reading the results of the study.   She is seeking support for her project.

Poop Scoops Needed.  The Airport Dike Trail needs to be scooped.  Sandy Beach area could also use a scooping.

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