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Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive


2014 Holiday Pet Food Drive  



The 2014 pet food drive collected 848 pounds of dog and cat food for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank.   aS OF jANUARY 1, 2015, 825 POUNDS OF DOG AND CAT FOOD HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO THE sOUTHEAST aLASKA fOOD bANK.


Thanks to everyone who donated to the pet food drive and to those who made the pet food drive possible.


The following local businesses participated in the 2014 Holiday Pet Food Drive:

        local grocery stores: SuperBear, Rainbow Foods, Foodland IGA
         veterinary clinics: Southeast Alaska Animal Medical Center, Tongass Veterinary Clinic, Juneau Veterinary Clinic
         pet supply and service stores: Wee Fishie Shoppe, Canines Unlimited, Pet Nanny's Place
         other local businesses:  Heritage Coffee Shops Downtown & Valley, Curves, Northern Hot Spots, Just Super, and KTOO.


Please extend your  thanks to these businesses for making the pet food drive a success.



A total of 688 pounds of pet food were collected during the pet food drive. 509 pounds of dog food and 179 pounds of cat food. We calculate the amount of food collected based on the net weight of the food as stated on the package by the manufacturer.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the pet food drive.



The pet food drive collected 635 pounds of food (111 pounds cat food; 524 pounds dog food) over 3 days.

All of the pet food was delivered to the Southeast Alaska Food Bank on December 20. Just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Thanks to all of the Juneau merchants who let Grateful Dogs place collection boxes in their store: Safeway, Super Bear SuperMarket, Rainbow Foods, Foodland IGA, Wee Fishie Shoppe, Canines Unlimited , Petco, SE AK Animal Medical Center, Juneau Veterinary Hospital, Pet Nanny's Place.

Also, thanks are due to the volunteers who made the pet food drive possible: Pam Nelson, Aran and Matt Felix, Paula Terrel, Dick Hoffman, and Debbie Behr.

Please remember throughout the year that the Southeast Alaska Food Bank accepts donations of pet food at any time.




The total for this year's food drive was 902 pounds net weight of dog and cat food.  We do not have a break down between dog and cat food.  We did not keep records of how much each participating business generated for the food drive but the biggest sources of donations were Safeway, Super Bear, and Southeast Vet.


Thank you, Juneau, for your generous support of the first pet food drive for pets and their families in need.  The community response was amazing - 1026 pounds of food was collected for cats and dogs during the 3-day pet food drive in December.  Grateful Dogs of Juneau conducted the pet food drive to benefit the Southeast Alaska Food Bank and the patrons of the food bank who need food for their pets.   Pam Nelson initiated and organized the pet food drive on behalf of the Grateful Dogs of Juneau.
          Grateful Dogs of Juneau wishes to thank the following businesses for their support of the pet food drive: Rainbow Foods, A&P Foodland, the Pet Nanny, Walmart, Safeway, Wee Fishie Shoppe, Super Bear Supermarket, and Canines Unlimited.  The donations by the patrons of the Costco Warehouse were greatly appreciated.  Also, thanks go to Jeff Brown and KTOO radio for alerting the community that the pet food drive was underway.

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Updated June 24, 2015


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